Known more now for cinematic disasters like The Happening and After Earth than The Sixth Sense, the creepy thriller that made his name, M. Night Shyamalan is on something of a comeback. First came creepy found footage flick The Visit and then Split, whose final scene set the stage for his next movie, that just so happens to be the long awaited follow-up to Shyamalan's own grounded superhero movie, Unbreakable.

Set eighteen years after the events of that movie, Bruce Willis returns as the invulnerable David Dunn, this time hunting down Split's superhuman Kevin Wendell Crumb (Jame McAvoy) and his increasingly dangerous multiple personalities, while Dunn's own nemesis, Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), watches from the sidelines with a plan of his own for both of them.

Our first look at the movie comes courtesy of this pretty sweet poster, which shows off the three leads superpowered personas, while the institution setting raises some interetsing question about what the story has in store for us. Check it out below.


Glass reaches Irish cinemas on January 18th.


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