Things haven't been good for Warner Bros. and their planned DC Extended Universe. It got off to a rocky start with an odd, darker take on Superman with Man of Steel, continued down that road with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (though Ben Affleck's Batman was no where near as bad as everyone feared), with the movie not exceeding the studio's box office expectations, though still making a respectable sum. The all-villain Suicide Squad showed promise, but ultimately disappointed fans. Things were looking up with Wonder Woman, but the experiment's big crescendo, Justice League, fizzled out, not helped by behind the scenes issues that saw both Scott Snyder and Joss Whedon credited as directors. Now, another, quite lasting blow has been struck, with The Hollywood Reporter announcing that Henry Cavill is stepping away from the role of Superman.

With Cavill cast as the lead in Netflix's upcoming The Witcher, based on the best selling book and video game series, it seems scheduling conflicts have forced the exit, with negotiations breaking down with Cavill to cameo in the upcoming Shazam. Of course, this isn't the first time Cavill's scheduling have spelt disaster for Warner Bros. Famously, his role in Mission: Impossible-Fallout called for him to have a mustache, which had to be digitally removed for Justice League. Needless to say the results were less than stellar.

Where this leaves Superman in the DCEU is anyone's guess. While a Man of Steel sequel was rumoured, it always seemed far off, Justice League 2 remains a distinct possibility, and it's too early to confirm if the role will be recast, or, and stranger things have happened, Superman completely removed from the franchise. Similar rumours swirl around Affleck and Batman, with Matt Reeve's solo Batman movie reportedly looking to recast the role with a younger Dark Knight in mind.

The coming weeks and months will be an interesting time for fans of the DCEU.

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