When the credits rolled on The Kingsman: The Golden Circle, audiences were left with the feeling that we weren't done with Mattew Vaughn's unique take on the well worn spy genre. Kingsman 3 was quickly greenlit, and a Statesman spin-off, following the U.S. counterpart to the Kingsman, is in the works, but before all that we're going back in time with The King's Man, chronicling the secret organistin's humble beginings in the wake of World War I.

The sereies' trademark action and crazy plot points may not really work with the old timey setting, but with a cast of characters that features real life historical figures, including diplomat T.E. Lawrence (better known as Lawrence of Arabia) and the oddly hard to kill Grigori Rasputin, this promises to be a hell of a lot of fun.

The King's Man comes our way next year.

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